Brennan Bonati, DDS

Dr. Bonati has the skillset in helping people craft the perfect smile. He is drawn to help people in a way that not a lot of other people can. There aren't a lot of dentists who focus on veneers and bite alignment. He found there was a huge need for it.

Having a perfect bite will protect your veneer investment for a lifetime of use. There is an overlap in cosmetic dentistry and bite alignment. The problem is there isn't a whole lot of dental education on it.

He put in the research to find it. He had to pursue additional education so he could better provide cosmetic dentistry that provided superior functionality.

Dr . Bonati was equally blessed by having great mentors who made phenomenal strides in cosmetic reconstruction. He is pleased to continue their work.

Dr. Bonati would love to help you get your perfect smile.

About Dr. Bonati

  • Considered of the top 1% cosmetic dentists in the country
  • Educated at the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine
  • Long-time member of Colorado Dental Association and Metro Denver Dental Society
  • Consistently earns 5 star reviews for his cosmetic dental work