Smile Design

At Branin Center for Dentistry, we are passionate about doing the type of dentistry that changes our patients' lives. Form follows function in dentistry, and healthy teeth, look good!

Our offices use advanced techniques including premium restorative dentistry, whitening, and orthodontics to develop comprehensive solutions focused on the patient's desired outcomes and current dental health to obtain a lifetime of function and beauty. 

We are experts in fixing stained, broken, crooked, and damaged teeth. Giving our patients a fresh start to live the life they’ve always wanted is why we are here!

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A woman smiling before a simulation


Image file
A woman smiling with a simulated smile


Image file
A woman smiling after a simulation


Smile Design Through Digital Simulation

Using SmileSIM, we can plan your new smile and simulate your results for you! Through digital simulation, you can have the peace-of-mind in knowing your prospective dental treatment will result in the smile you have always dreamed of, even before starting your dental treatment.

SmileSIM provides patients of Branin Center for Dentistry a level of transparency, understanding, and communication not readily available at most other dental offices.

Once you have a clear understanding of your path, our highly trained doctors and staff will guide you through every step of treatment and into your new smile.

Let's Create Your New Smile!

Stop being afraid to smile. Come in and we'll guide you through the steps you need to take to get your new smile.

  • This is the best dental place I’ve been to. They do great cleanings, my teeth are very susceptible to coffee stains and they always get every little spot, and everyone is very friendly. I had to get some extensive work done here, a couple crowns and some filling replacements. I never felt like I was being scammed.

    Liz S.