Planning For Smile Makeover Success

An amazing smile doesn't happen on its own. It takes planning, and we are ready to guide you through the process. A little time upfront will give you that smile. Yes, the one you are imagining.

Through a detailed custom plan, we ensure all your needs and goals are addressed. By developing a treatment plan focused on you, you'll be able to enjoy a brilliant, lasting smile.

#1: The Consultation

This is the first step towards an enhanced smile. Our consultation is an opportunity to learn about your goals, concerns, and smile preferences. It is also an opportunity to show you what is possible for your smile by showing you a digital simulation of what is possible for you.

#2: Foundation

Having a strong foundation ensures your smile will lasts a very long time. Our foundational step is critical and may include other talented specialists to ensure your anatomy is fully prepared to handle treatment. When we examine the foundation, we look for:

  • Oral disease
  • Signs of decay
  • Jaw bone health

Our referrals ensure you receive the best outcome possible. We use the country’s most talented laboratories to make our designs reality. 

#3: Preparation

This step involves preparing your teeth ready for your final restoration. It may involve temporary restorations until the final restoration is set and can be an exciting step in your journey to your new smile. This is often the point where you can see everything begin to come together!

#4: Final Restoration

This is the last step in getting your new smile! With extremely thorough planning and perfect execution, this is a smooth step. You'll have your final restoration set and adjusted. Your new smile will be functional and look unbelievably natural.

Get That Smile You've Always Imagined

A little planning up front will and you'll be on the way towards your dream smile. Come in for a treatment plan focused on you.

  • Went in to see Dr. Dudley for a teeth cleaning. Staff was nice and so was the office space. Found out I had a few cavities and so went back a few weeks later to get them filled. Experience for the fillings were also great, I’d had a bad dentist experience before, but Dr. Dudley made it very easy and worry free. I’m definitely am planning to go back!

    O Angela L.