Understanding Your Dental Benefits

We're here to help you get the most out of your benefits.

Dental insurance is not insurance, in that it is not designed to fully compensate or refund for optimal dental care. Dental benefits provided by insurance companies, provide financial assistance only to the extent designated and paid for by employers/sponsors.

Your dental benefits are designed to lower the cost of dental care but not to cover the whole cost of treatment. This is because insurance companies see dental care as a luxury rather than a necessity. 

Dental Insurance companies sets the fees an in-network practice charges. Meaning, the insurance company dictates what policy holders pay for dental care. They set the price for things like additional fees, what procedures are covered, and what you pay in out-of-pocket costs. So, when dealing with participating insurance companies, Branin Center for Dentistry has no control over what we can charge or what procedures we can do.

You should know this about using your dental insurance benefits.

A dental procedure can easily exceed the maximum allowable benefit your insurance company. In cases like these, it's important to note that you are still getting a 30-50% discount from our normal fees with your insurance benefits. It will cause you more harm than good not completing a dental treatment because the cost is going to exceed your benefit.

The way we practice dentistry is not dictated by insurance.

Our goal is to give you the best care possible. Our team is here to inform you about every viable treatment option. You can make an educated decision because we explain all the risks and benefits about treating your issue. Using evidence-based dentistry, our team is here to help.

You'll leave our office with a complete treatment plan. Move forward confidently with all costs, any referrals, and estimated timeline of your new smile.

  • Dr. Dudley is pretty awesome. He saved my about $1,500 by giving me an honest opinion.

    Fred B.